Electronic Fuel Injection

Holley EFI on Custom 34 Ford Hot Rod

Holley EFI Upgrades

An electronic fuel injection (EFI) system is one of the most impactful improvements you can make to your restomod muscle car. The Hot Rod Barn has proven experience installing and tuning Holley EFI systems. This includes the throttle body, computer, sensors, fuel system, and ignition system. Not only are we a Holley-certified EFI Installer and Dealer, but we tune and diagnose fuel injection systems on a regular basis.

The Hot Rod Barn also has the ability to test most preexisting EFI systems for faults and complete repairs that improve performance. When you buy your Holley EFI system from The Hot Rod Barn you are not only receiving a fantastic EFI system, but the proven skill and knowledge of our team.

Holley EFI is the undisputed gold standard in aftermarket fuel injection systems. Their EFI products are the easiest, most refined, feature rich system money can buy. You can learn more about the Holley EFI product offering at the following link: Holley EFI

Holley Electronic Fuel Injection Certified