Art Morrison

Bare Chassis, Art Morrison Custom Chassis Option

An Art Morrison custom chassis is one of the best improvements you can make to improve the handling in your muscle car.  The engineering behind this chassis is second to none.  We offer multiple options, which include a Bare Chassis, Rolling Chassis, or Body Drop. Once you drive a muscle car with a modern Art Morrison custom chassis you will never want to go back to an old factory frame. The Hot Barn has proven experience with this awarding-winning chassis and we are an approved dealer for Art Morrison. Take a look at some of our other modern upgrades.

Art Morrison Custom Chassis Options

  • Bare Chassis

    The Bare Chassis is just as the name implies.  You will require refinishing, brakes, drivetrain, etc. 

  • Rolling Chassis

    The Rolling Chassis can include refinishing, drivetrain, brake system, and more.

  • Body Swap

    A Body Swap will include a turnkey solution to modernize your muscle car.

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